Information regarding the exercise period of warrants of series TO 1 in Genetic Analysis

Oslo, Norway, November 2, 2022 – On November 2, 2022, the exercise period for the warrants of series TO 1 issued in connection with Genetic Analysis AS’s (“GA” or the “Company”) IPO in September/October 2021 will commence. The exercise period runs until 16 November 2022. Holders of series TO 1 warrants are entitled to subscribe for one new share in the Company for each warrant at a price of NOK 9.30 per share – the closing price of GA’s share as of 31 October was NOK 1.85 per share, which is significantly lower than the subscription price and thus something that option holders should be aware of when considering possible subscription of shares.

Ronny Hermansen, CEO Genetic Analysis, comments:
“In connection with GA’s listing, warrants of series TO 1 were issued, with exercise period during November 2-16, 2022. During this year’s uncertain stock market climate, biotech companies have generally seen a negative share price performance during 2022. Any proceeds from TO 1 was intended to be invested in the development of new markers for our GA-map platform. Given this situation, GA will be agile and continue to focus on the commercialisation of our current products, in which the market has shown strong interest with several significant collaboration agreements signed in recent months.”

More information on warrants of series TO 1:
In connection with the Company’s issue of units prior to the listing on Spotlight Stock Market during September/October 2021, in addition to 7,700,000 shares, 4,620,000 warrants of series TO 1 were issued consideration-free and are listed on the Spotlight Stock Market and registered in Euronext VPS Norway. General terms and conditions and information on the TO 1 warrants are set out below:

  • The subscription price is NOK 9.30 per new share. Through the exercise of warrants of series TO 1, GA can raise a maximum total of approximately NOK 43 million before issue costs.
  • Subscription of new shares based on warrants of series TO 1 will take place during the period 2 – 16 November 2022.
  • Subscription notification shall be made directly to the Company by completing, signing and sending to the Company no later than 16 November 2022. The document is available on the Company’s website The subscription amount shall be paid in NOK to the Company’s bank account within two days.
  • The last trading day for warrants of series TO 1 is 16 November 2022.
  • Communication of the outcome is expected to take place on or about 21 November 2022.
  • No interim shares will be issued.
  • The Company’s Series TO 1 warrants are traded on the Spotlight Stock Market under the short name GEAN TO 1 and ISIN code NO0011054223.

Advisers and issuing agents

Sedermera Corporate Finance AB is the Swedish financial advisor to GA in connection with the exercise of warrants of series TO 1. The law firm Wiersholm AS is acting as legal advisor and DNB Bank ASA is acting as issuing agent. Shark Communication AB is advising the Company on communications.

This is a translation of the Swedish original. If there is any inconsistency between the English and Swedish versions, the Swedish version shall prevail.

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