IMD – Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik launches the GA-map® Microbiome Test in Germany

OSLO, NORWAY/BERLIN, GERMANY – 15 February 2022: Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS (“GA”) and Institut für Medizinische Diagnostik (“IMD”), a part of the Medicover Group, announces today that IMD has launched the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test in Germany. IMD will activate its new Microbiome laboratory in February 2022 and add standardized microbiota testing to its existing test portfolio of products. This new Microbiota test offering will be marketed to customers in Germany and Europe.

In 2021, Genetic Analysis launched the updated version of GA-map® Dysbiosis Test – the first CE-marked IVD test on the market providing microbiota profiles and dysbiosis status for IBS and IBD patients. The standardized GA-map® Technology platform is based on an innovative Pre-Determined Targets approach (PDT) and is a valuable tool both in clinical research and routine diagnostics.

Medical Director of IMD, Dr. Volker von Baehr, comments:
IMD is an expert laboratory in the field with a focus on high-quality results. We are proud to be offering the CE‑certified GA-map® test panel to our customers. The GA-map® Dysbiosis Test is measuring the abundance of clinically relevant key bacteria in relation to a clinically defined, healthy, normal population. This is a major difference from other sequencing methods where each user must establish their own reference ranges for healthy and diseased cohorts. Focusing on the clinically relevant key bacteria will save both time and resources, and the GA-map® platform is demonstrating excellent performance and efficiency in our laboratory.”

CEO of Genetic Analysis, Ronny Hermansen, comments:
“We are proud to partner up with IMD and power their laboratory with the unique CE-marked GA-map® platform. The GA-map® uses the high-quality Luminex®200 and MAGPIX® readout instruments, ensuring an efficient and high-quality workstream for the Laboratory customer. IMD, through the Medicover Group, has a strong European footprint in clinical and research diagnostics, and it is GA’s strategy to supply high-volume clinical laboratories with superb quality diagnostics solutions that save time and cost for the laboratories and provides accurate results.”

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