Genetic Analysis: Launch of GA-map® Discovery – A microbiome profiling offering for Research Customers

OSLO, NORWAY – 24 October 2023: Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS (“GA” or “the Company”) announces today that the Company launches the GA-map® Discovery – a new microbiome profiling service offering directed to research customers in the academia and microbiome industry. The GA-map® Discovery is GA’s first dedicated offering in the research market which is currently witnessing considerable growth – cementing GA’s position as a pioneer in microbiome disease diagnostics.

Built on the standardized GA-map® platform, GA-map® Discovery is a comprehensive end-to-end microbiota research service for gut and oral microbiota profiling. Comprising more than 170 bacteria markers, the GA-map® Discovery was developed to facilitate the discovery of new biomarkers and bacteria signatures associated with health and disease. GA-map® Discovery is a perfect choice for comparative studies of different disease cohorts, treatment responses, and more. The launch of GA-map ® Discovery brings to the market a research service with high accuracy, exceptional reproducibility, and short turnaround time, enabling cost-effective microbiota measurements.

The GA-map® Discovery is GA’s first dedicated offering in the research market. In recent years, microbiome research has witnessed considerable growth, fuelling new inventions in disease diagnostics, treatment selection and monitoring, and disease prevention. The research market for microbiome measurement was valued at $859 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $3,417 million by 2031 (1).

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