Genetic Analysis: Flagging notification

OSLO, NORWAY – July 1, 2024: Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS (“GA” or the “Company”) hereby announces that an existing shareholder, Muen Invest AS, crosses the flagging threshold as a result of the recently announced directed share issue.

Muen Invest AS currently holds 2.101.794 shares, corresponding to 4,98% of the votes and capital in Genetic Analysis AS. Through the recently communicated directed share issue, communicated on July 1, 2024, Muen Invest AS has been allocated 1,133,334 shares. When the directed share issue is registered, Muen Invest AS will own 3,235,128 shares, corresponding to 6.55% of the total number of outstanding shares in the Company. The flagging notice is published as the holding in the Company exceeds 5%, in accordance with Spotlight Stock Market’s flagging rules.

Please see the press release: