Genetic Analysis AS (GA) reports first commercial sales of the enhanced GA-map® Dysbiosis Test version 2

OSLO, NORWAY – 27th January 2022: Today, GA achieved another important milestone; first commercial sales of the new and enhanced version of the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test to the US market. This enhanced version has built in several important technical upgrades which significantly improves the user friendliness and sample throughput for the Lab customer.

The new version of GA-map® Dysbiosis Test will enable the molecular labs to run the analysis faster, meaning decreased lead time and increased throughput for the Lab. Furthermore, the new version will lower the run-cost for the lab due to the reduction in time and better economies of scale. In addition, the assay-associated software for sample result generation, the GA-map® Dysbiosis Analyzer, has been improved to include bacteria functional grouping and by implementing more language translation features to meet customer demands in new markets.

These enhancements will support GAs growth strategy as the company continues to expand into new markets, like China.

CEO Ronny Hermansen comments
“We are thrilled that our GA-map® version 2 has been tested out by pilot customers with great success and that the first commercial sale has now taken place. Innovation is the core of all our R&D activities, and we were the first company to launch a CE-marked, clinically validated microbiome test in the market. Our state-of-the art technology, which is a pre-determined target (PDT) approach, has taken more and more market share globally; both as Research use Only (RuO) in the US and also as a CE-marked In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) product in Europe. The focus has been to further increase the efficiency for the Lab customer and build improved clinical reporting functionality into the GA-map® Software.”

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Ronny Hermansen, CEO