Genetic Analysis AS announces that two patents were granted in Russia and EU, from family WO2016156251A1


New IP secured – Important patents enhancing the use of GA-map® granted in EU and Russia.

The object of this family of patents relates to our novel sophisticated algorithm that analyze and characterize gut microbiota in relation to healthy populations. The invention concerns the diagnosis, monitoring and/or characterization of diseases and conditions associated with perturbations in the microbiota of the gastrointestinal tract (GI). More specifically the invention provides means by which the state of the microbiota may be assessed and deviations from the normal state (normobiosis) may be determined in a manner which is straightforward to perform, reliable and robust and which is flexible enough to be used with any technique for measuring levels of microorganisms in a Gl tract sample.

We are very pleased to inform that our patent “Method for determining gastrointestinal tract dysbiosis” (Algorithm patent) has been granted in Russia June 2020 (RU2723336C2) and allowance for grant was issued in the EU in December 2020 (EP3274885A1). The patent family claims priority from 27th March 2015 and hence will be in force until 2036.