Genetic Analysis AS announces that a patent was granted in the US, from family WO2016120494A


In March 2019, GA signed a license agreement with the university NMBU’ Tech transfer office that secured GA global exclusive rights to develop and commercialize a next generation technology (Liquid Array Detection).

The present invention relates to a method which prevents undesirable binding of ddNTPs to double stranded polynucleotides when in the presence of a polymerase. Such methods may be used to prevent the appearance of false positives in methods employing ddNTPs, e.g. in sequence detection methods. The present invention also provides a method of avoiding a false Tm reading or false FRET effects (such as false positive quenching), for example in a melting curve analysis method.

We are pleased to see that our patent application “Method and product for preventing false positives in methods employing ddntp’s” was granted in EU in March 2021 (EP3250711A1) and Japan in February 2021 (JP6837997). The patent family claims priority from 30th January 2015 and hence will be in force until 2036.

The described invention is a perfect fit for GAs probe detection system as used in the GA-map® technology, but also has a large variety of potential uses within SNP detection in general.

GA has an active approach to securing IP, in addition to protecting its core trade secrets, and GA will continue its active approach to protect technology and products as new opportunities emerges.