Genetic Analysis AS announces that a patent was granted in India, from family WO2012080754A2


We are very pleased to inform that our patent “Oligonucleotide probe set and methods of microbiota profiling” has been granted in India in March 2021 (IN362623).

The invention provides a method for using oligonucleotide probe-sets for diagnosing, monitoring or predicting a disease or condition in a patient based on profiling the microbiota of the gastrointestinal (Gl) tract. Kits comprising the oligonucleotide probe set of the invention are also included.

The patent was granted in EU and US in 2016 and a divisional application was granted in the US in 2018. In addition, the patent family has a global presence with grants in Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Russia, and South Africa.

The patent family claims priority from December 2010 and hence will be in force until 2031.

GA will continue its active approach to protect technology and products as R & D generates new exciting results.