Genetic Analysis and Servatus enter Strategic Collaboration Agreement to develop new microbiome diagnostic and therapeutic solutions

  • The Strategic Collaboration Agreement will enable both parties to utilise extensive knowledge sharing for microbiome diagnostics and biotherapeutics development
  • Genetic Analysis is a Norway-based diagnostic company and a pioneer in the human microbiome field, Servatus is a leading biopharmaceutical company with research and manufacturing facilities in Australia
  • Global human microbiome market expected to reach USD$965.6 million by 2029
  • First stage of agreement is to establish a ‘GA-map® Flagship Lab’ fully operational for microbiome analysis in Servatus’ Queensland manufacturing facility
  • The partnership will utilize HumGut, the most comprehensive human gut genome collection, and the GA biobank with data from global healthy and diseased populations

OSLO, NORWAY/COOLUM BEACH, AUSTRALIA – 22. June 2022: Microbiome DX company Genetic Analysis AS (“GA”) and Servatus Biopharmaceuticals Ltd (“Servatus”), have entered a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to combine their respective expertise to further advance the microbiome diagnostics and therapeutics markets. The collaboration will bring together Servatus’ world class knowledge of biotherapeutics and GA’s microbiome diagnostic signature analysis to develop new diagnostic markers and treatment options to ultimately improve the lives of patients worldwide.

The human microbiome market is anticipated to experience considerable growth on the back of the development of microbiome altering drugs and new diagnostics. Latest forecasts suggest the global human microbiome market to grow at a rate of 22.5% over the period 2022 to 2029, reaching USD 965.6 million by 2029*.

In the first stage of the collaboration, Servatus will establish a ‘GA-map® Flagship Lab’ at its Queensland manufacturing facility, Australian Biotherapeutics. The Lab will implement the GA-map® Technology platform and be fully operational to supply in-house and external microbiome analysis in the research field. This technology platform includes the GA-map® Dysbiosis Test, the first CE-marked IVD test on the market that provides microbiota profiles and dysbiosis status for IBS and IBD patients.

Servatus will also be able to utilize GAs extensive bioinformatical resources and the HumGut database, a novel comprehensive human gut genome collection, as well as the GA biobank with data from global healthy and diseased populations. By combining this with Servatus’ leading expertise in developing new microbial-based biotherapeutic drugs for a range of chronic diseases and conditions, and its immense clinical and research network, both parties expect to develop new treatment regimens as a result of the collaboration.

CEO of Servatus, Wayne Finlayson comments:
“We are thrilled to collaborate with Genetic Analysis, a pioneer for science-based diagnostics, research and product development in the human microbiome field. This strategic collaboration agreement will facilitate extensive knowledge sharing and enable us to establish the framework for shaping the global microbiome market as industry leaders. The partnership will leverage significant datasets provided by GA and utilize our Australian Biotherapeutics manufacturing facility to grow our business in Australia, Asia and the US. We look forward to providing further updates on our progress as we accelerate a significant international expansion over the coming months.”

CEO Ronny Hermansen comments:
“We are delighted to be partnering with Servatus. This collaboration will let the two companies draw on their combined world class expertise in both drug development, biosimilar manufacturing and microbiome analysis to accelerate the growth for both companies in delivering new innovative microbiome based therapies.  Therapeutics and companion diagnostic solution’s that will improve patients’ lives globally. A key objective for GA is to collaborate with Pharma and to prepare for geographical expansion towards major markets and this collaboration agreement with Servatus is well in line with GA’s objectives communicated in the IPO and so this represents a major milestone in the company’s development.”  

*Databridge Market Research, Human Microbiome Market report, 2022

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