Genetic Analysis AS (GEAN): First day of trading in Genetic Analysis shares and warrants on Spotlight Stock Market

OSLO, NORWAY – 1 October 2021: First day of trading in Genetic Analysis AS (“GA” or “the Company”) shares and warrants on Spotlight Stock Market (“Spotlight”) begins today. The Company’s shares are traded under the short name “GEAN” and ISIN code NO0010692130 and warrants of series TO 1 are traded under the short name “GEAN TO 1” and ISIN code NO0011054223. Warrants of series TO 2 are traded under the short name “GEAN TO 2” and ISIN code NO0011054231.

CEO Ronny Hermansen comments
«The listing of GA is a major milestone in our mission to become the world leading company within microbiome testing. We see the microbiome as a gamechanger in health and medicine moving forward. Until now there has been no standardised test platform for this market. GA is working to change this and has developed and patented the first standardised test to be used in a clinical routine setting. We are motivated by the strong interest from investors both in our IPO and in the microbiome market in general. And we know this will help us implement and  accelerate our growth strategy.”

Issue of units prior to listing
The listing on Spotlight is preceded by an issue of units, the subscription period of which lasted during August/ September 2021. The issue of units was oversubscribed to a total of approximately NOK 99 million, corresponding to a subscription ratio of approximately 165 percent, and the Company received approximately NOK 60 million before issue costs. Through the issue of units, approximately 1 200 new shareholders were added to GA.

For more information about the listing, please contact:
Sedermera Fondkommission
Phone: +46 (0) 40 615 14 10

For more information on Genetic Analysis, please contact:
Ronny Hermansen, Chief Executive Officer

About Genetic Analysis:
Genetic Analysis AS (GA) is a science-based diagnostic company and pioneer in the human microbiome field with more than 10 years of expertise in research and product development. The unique GA-map® platform is based on a pre-targeted multiplex approach specialized for simultaneous analysis of a large number of bacteria in one reaction. The test results are generated by utilizing the clinically validated cutting edge GA-map® software algorithm. This enables immediate results without the need of further bioinformatics work. GA’s vision is to become the leading company for standardized gut microbiota testing worldwide, and GA is committed to help unlocking and restoring the human microbiome through its state-of-the-art technology. GA holds 22 highly qualified employees with relevant scientific backgrounds and with competence in bioinformatics, molecular biology, and bioengineering.