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The GA-map™ platform technology utilizes common and variable DNA sequences within the 16S rRNA gene of the bacteria to characterize and identify the different bacteria.

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In summary, what makes the The GA-map™ technology unique is a
combination of a set of proprietary, complimentary technologies:


The GA-map ProbeTool™ software program uses special search mechanisms to find a large set of combinations of DNA probes that can be used in the test. Finding thesecombinations of probes is an essential step in development of the GA-map™ tests.


A unique universal primer pair that can be used to amplify DNA from most bacteria present in the gut microflora.


A novel method of labeling specific probes based on the presence of specific bacteria in a mixed solution and analyzing the probe signals, reflecting the amount of corresponding bacteria in the sample.


A database containing the information of profiles from the processed arrays, combined to the health conditions of the individual.

Together, the The GA-map™ technology makes it possible to generate profiles of a person’s microbiota and correlate that profile to different health conditions. Assays for various health conditions will be developed.The
The GA-map™ technology also includes a set of other standard molecular biology tools that are optimized for this process.

The The GA-map™ technology makes it possible, for the first time, to effectively and on a routine basis analyze the composition of the gut microbiota, and correlate that composition or profile to various health conditions. Although the importance of the gut microflora in the health of individuals is widely recognized, no diagnostic tool has so far been available in the market place.