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Genetic Analysis granted US and European patent for oligonucleotide probe set and methods of microbiota profiling

(Oslo, April 12th 2016) Genetic Analysis AS today announces that it has been granted a US patent (Patent No. 9243297) and a European patent (Patent No. 2652145) for its technology governing the oligonucleotide probe set and methods of microbiota profiling. The newly granted patents last until 16 December 2031.

The present invention relates to a set of oligonucleotide probes targeting the16S rRNA gene at different bacterial taxonomic levels. The set of probes can analyze with high degree of sensitivity and accuracy the relative amounts of key constituent bacteria of the microbiota of the GI tract and thereby provide profiles of the GI tract microbiota that are sufficiently detailed and accurate to be characteristic of various diseases or conditions or the risk of developing various diseases or conditions.

The probe set and the method of microbiota profiling is commercialized through the CE marked GA-map™ Dysbiosis Test available from the GA service lab in Oslo or as a reagent kit for use in external laboratories.

Genetic Analysis CEO Ronny Hermann commented: “Our global patent coverage for this important technology has been further strengthened with the approval of these US and European patent applications, which highlights the unique approach of the GA technology in the emerging field of gut microbiota testing.”


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About Genetic Analysis

Genetic Analysis has developed and launched the first gene-based routine test for the mapping and diagnosis of diseases related to dysbiosis and imbalances in the bacteria in the digestive system. The company markets the GA-map™ technology to three market segments: commercial routine testing, pharma companies and the research market. Genetic Analysis was established in 2008 and is based on research done by Professor Knut Rudi at Norwegian University of Life Sciences, NMBU and Nofima Mat in Ås.


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