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GA-map results presented at ECCO

Results from a Pan European study, where the GA–map™ Dysbiosis Test is used to determine microbiota profiles, will be presented at the European Crohn’s and  Colitis Organization’s Annual congress (ECCO), hold in Amsterdam in March 16 -19 2016.

ECCO’s focus is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and is a meeting with high scientific standard for the gastroenterologist discussing new trends in diagnostics and treatment, and disease development.

The ECCO congress is organizing a separate ‘EU Project Forum’ where the Pan European study; “IBD Character” headed by Prof Jack Satsangi, University of Edinburgh will be presented. GA is a partner in IBD Character together with, among others, Oslo University Hospital, chaired by Prof Morten Vatn. The GA-map™ Dysbiosis Test results from this project will be presented and discussed in a separate presentation in the Forum. In addition, Oslo University Hospital will give a presentation within the ECCO official program involving the GA-map™ Dysbiosis Test and microbiota profiling in patients from Oslo. The GA–Map™ Dysbiosis Test is used to study the microbiome, and to explore the clinical utility of microbiota profiling in IBD and non-IBD patients, with regard to disease development, relapse, and treatment responses.

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