Revealing dysbiosis

A dedicated team drive forward GA's product development, commercialization and sales

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GA will be a world leading molecular diagnostic company with core competence in mapping of microbiota, utilizing the GA-map technology to develop IVD tests in all diseases where microbiota is involved


Ronny Hermansen (Chief Executive Officer)

More than 20 years of experience from the international diagnostic industry, including Nycomed Imaging, Nycomed Amersham and as CFO in Axis-Shield plc. Worked in GA since April 2014.

Christina Casèn (Clinical Director)

More than 20 years experience from international diagnostic industry. Holds a MSc in molecular biology

Kari Stenersen (Chief Operating Officer)

Experience as marketing director in several companies, including Pronova and Axis-Shield. Experience in building up diagnostic companies from scratch to success.

Finn Terje Hegge (Chief Technical Officer)

PhD, Molecular biology (2004). Previously Lingvitae AS. Worked in GA since 2011.

Detlef Janke (Sales Director)

More than 25 years experience in the medical diagnostics industry from various positions at Bio-Rad Germany, Axis-Shield and Gentian. Worked in GA since May 2015.


Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Lena Öhman

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Professor Robert Löfberg

Gastroenterology, Karolinska Institute, Head of IBD unit, Sophia Hemmet, Sweden.

Professor Ole Haagen Nielsen

Head of Gastroenterology dept., Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen University, Denmark.

Professor Gerhard Rogler

Clinic for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, University of Zürich, Switzerland.

Professor Wolfgang Kruis

Head of Gastroenterology dept., Köln University Hospital, Germany.

Professor Lars Engstrand

Head of Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control/Karolinska Institute, Sweden; 25 years experience as a clinical microbiologist.

Professor Morten Vatn

Gastroenterology dept., Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet), Member of International Faculty, Inflammatory Disease and Hepatology, Oslo University Hospital (Rikshospitalet), Norway.


Board of Directors

Ole Henrik Eriksen (Chairman)

Over 25 years experience in the pharma-, biotech- and medtech- industries, and has extensive experience in the development and financing of startup companies. He was the first CEO of Clavis Pharma (later Aqualis) and now holds a possition as VP Business Development in Weifa. Eriksen has previously been instrumental in two IPOs.

Stein Lorentzen-Lund (Board member)

Held position as CEO in a number of biotech startup companies Marketing and product manager experience from Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi Aventis and PhotoCure AS.

Dag Terje Rian (Board member)

Masters Degree (Siv.Ing) in Petroleum Engineering from NTNU, Norway. CEO and founder of Scandpower Petroleum Technology (SPT group) 1984-2006.

Knut Rudi (Board member)

Professor at Hedmark University College and The Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Inventor of the main patent behind GA.

Rune Sørum (Board member)

Senior adviser for European companies in the Far East and the Middle East 1983 - 1999. Executive position as founder and partner in a Norwegian investment company.