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2019 greetings from Genetic Analysis, microbiota analysis expert !

Dear friends and microbiota enthusiasts !

We would like to thank each of you for your support, enthusiasm and feedback that we, at Genetic Analysis, have received this year. Your contribution is very valuable and means a lot to us.

We wish you all a cheerful and happy Christmas and end-of-the year celebrations; and of course a great and exciting new year !

“God Jul og Godt Nytt År” from Norway!

Greetings from Genetic Analysis’ team!

Our highlights 2019
2019 has been a successful and active year for Genetic Analysis and the gut microbiota analysis field. We have participated in successful seminars and meetings; we have been part of exciting and challenging projects in the microbiota field; we have started new collaborations; and we have further improved our technology for the benefit of patients!

Genetic Analysis’ international team has been strengthened this year on several levels. Today our 22 dedicated and passionate employees are working for you: from Service and Production lab, Development, Clinical, Bioinformatics to Sales & Marketing. There are lot of exciting projects in the field of microbiota testing!
This year our manufacturing capability of our GA-map® products has been further optimized and ramped-up, making GA well positioned to take the strong growth this market is seeing.
 Just to name a few: we have reduced the wastage and process time for the lab customer; the GA-map® is the only clinically documented and CE-marked test for microbiota testing, making it unique; available for RuO in the US; we have an exclusive partnership for using the Luminex LX200® platform. Without saying that all of our activities are always following strict international quality standards!
OUR ROUTINE LAB (3x more tests!)
In 2019, we tripled the number of GA-map® Dysbiosis Tests (gut microbiota testing) runs compared to 2018; and we look at 2020 as very promising!
Our international presence has been developed thanks to trusted partners such as Bio-Rad (in US) or BIOHIT Healthcare (in Europe)!
2019 has been a strong year on the clinical research side : 5 new publications were added to our list of reported applications for our GA-map® Dysbiosis Test (IBS, Spondyloarthritis, Obesity, IBD in children).
FMT in IBS patients!
The effect of FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplant) for IBS patients has been positively reported this year by Prof. El-Salhy. Our GA-map® Dybiosis Test was used to compare the microbiota profile of the IBS patients before and after the FMT treatment. The study and the results were published this week in GUT ! We look forward to telling you more!
GA in the news
2019 has also been a year when GA has shared many news on conferences, scientific results and daily activities in our company! Many more news to come in 2020!

Where to meet us ?
06-07 February: Vintermøte – Lillehammer (Norway)
12-15 February: ECCO – Vienna (Austria)
21-22 February: DePROM – Berlin (Germany)
07-08 March: GMFH – Madrid (Spain)

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